Euro Education Federation and School of Popular Arts Targu Jiu organised edition V of the National/European Music Festival EURO MUSIC 2017 on School of Popular Arts Targu Jiu 10 June 2017;
The festival offers participants the opportunity to exchange experience regarding particular pieces presented context, the socializing between members troops. Organizing and conducting this competition will contribute to the quality of the interpretation and originality of expression through music and dance.
The aim of this festival is the competition:
• Growing, support and artistic potential exploitation of children.
• Training personality through discovery, self-knowledge and human interrelation, involve children and teachers in national and European cultural life;
• Developing the capacity to communicate through art;
• Stimulate interest and motivation for practicing music and dance;
• Education will and positive character traits;
• Develop a sense of affirmation in a competitive space and cooperation with members of the group;
• Promoting friendship and cooperation between children by conducting educational activities among members of the partner institutions;